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5 Ways Professional Sober Companions Can Be Helpful

Sober companions are recovery coaching professionals who provide support and guidance to people in recovery from addiction. These mental health professionals help patients who embark on journeys to recovery and sobriety. Here are five benefits of having these professionals by your side.

1. Overall Life Coaching

A sober lifestyle needs to be sustainable. It must be crafted with a structure that facilitates management. The guidance sober living coaches provide is conducive to keeping you on the right path to recovery. Instead of trying to follow a 12-step program sequentially, you can work with a professional sober companion. Solana Beach residents can benefit from working with recovery coaches who can develop flexible plans for recovery that focus on holistic processes.

2. Education about Addiction, Recovery, & Life

Many individuals fall into substance abuse and dependence because they aren’t fully aware of the potential consequences. Others relapse or fail to recover because they don’t have a solid understanding of how recovery works. Sober companionship and lifestyle coaching are centered on teaching clients the ins and outs of addiction, recovery, and mental health. Once you have a solid and practical understanding of addiction mechanisms, your journey to recovery will make more sense.

3. Real-Life Coaching

Depending on the level of dependence and the life circumstances of addicts, the ability to accomplish daily tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, running errands, paying bills, and maintaining a household, may need to be refreshed. In most cases, this isn’t a matter of relearning how to perform these tasks. Instead, it’s about developing time management skills and techniques to deal with real-life situations. Sober companions advise clients on practical and efficient ways to navigate their everyday lives. An example would be teaching a client with a suspended license how to get around using public transportation.

4. Advocacy

Standing up for clients in recovery is a major benefit sober companions often provide. When these professionals are court-appointed, they accompany clients to hearings and conferences. If you get in legal trouble while going through recovery, your sober companion can speak on your behalf. Another aspect of advocacy that sober companions help clients with consists of identifying community resources conducive to recovery.

5. Quality of Life

The work of sober companions and sober living coaches prominently involves getting clients to understand how their lives can be improved. Sobriety is more than just practicing abstinence. It should be embraced as a choice to make your life better so substance abuse never becomes an issue again. Quality of life can be achieved by developing coping mechanisms, avoiding triggers, managing stress, and learning how to deal with emotions. Steering your life in this direction is a valuable benefit of having a sober companion.

At Sober Lifestyle Coaching, our certified and professionally trained sober companions work with clients to help them maintain abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Our goal is to offer our clients maximum recovery support in the first fragile days or weeks of early recovery. From helping you transition back into your home and create a healthy, sober living space to traveling with you to court cases or business events, your sober companion will be with you every step of the way. If you’re looking for extra Solana Beach addiction recovery support so you don’t risk relapse when you head into the danger zones, we’ll work with you to put together a game plan to keep you safe and sober as you accomplish your goals. Give us a call today at (760) 300-8338.

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