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Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching

Our Intervention & Recovery Coaching is a strength-based support program for people with addictions or those who are recovering from alcohol, other drugs, and codependency. Located in the serene coastal community of Solana Beach, CA, Sober Lifestyle Coaching specializes in working with clients with active addictions and those already in recovery.
We provide recovery coaching & part-time support for clients entering rehab looking for help navigating early recovery and building a solid foundation. We will spend time helping clients work through potentially challenging events such as going to work and attending business meetings, special events, and family gatherings while providing encouragement, accountability, insight, and understanding through our own recovery experiences. Also, we will help our clients get plugged into the recovery community and create a custom recovery plan designed to meet their goals and the new lives they would like to make for themselves. At Sober Lifestyle Coaching, we’re actively in recovery with years of sobriety. We know precisely what it takes to get sober, stay sober, and live the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

• Stay Sober
• Set Appropriate and Healthy Boundaries
• Help Clients Determine Realistic Goals
• Assist Clients with Time Management
• Find Sober Activities
• Identifie Triggers
• Allow Clients to Turn Their Sobriety Into A Lifestyle.

Sober coaches are available hourly, daily, and numerous days per week. Our coaching is offered over the phone, via video conference, and through face-to-face meetings.


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