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Tommy Caudill


Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, Certified Interventionist and Certified Sober Companion

Tommy’s passion and dedication for inspiring others that are interested in recovery is a direct result of his 23-year difficult struggle with alcohol and substance abuse. Tommy began binge drinking and experimenting with drugs in his early teenage years, and into his adulthood which leads to heath problems, legal troubles, financial problems, loss of custody, and countless visits to the ER and addiction treatment centers. Tommy finally overcame his battle with addiction and has been living a clean and sober lifestyle since August 29th, 2005. Now he works with others and shares his incredible journey to send a strong message that recovery is possible, and anyone can live their best sober life when addiction ends. Tommy has been working in the recovery industry and changing lives for over 15 years. He is very passionate about helping people make a complete transformation by living a healthy, active, sober lifestyle filled with meaning, purpose, and gratitude.


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