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5 Benefits of Having a Sober Lifestyle Coach

5 Benefits of Having a Sober Lifestyle Coach

Shortly after Thanksgiving 2022, an opinion published in the MedPage journal for physicians told the story of Dr. Kara Pepper, an internal medicine specialist who was celebrating a year of sobriety after going through various episodes of black-out binge drinking. Dr. Pepper recounted how she felt humbled when she found herself asking Google for signs of alcoholism. As an internal medicine doctor, she felt she should have known better, but in the end, she opted to get help with the assistance of a therapist and a sober lifestyle coach. These days, Dr. Pepper credits her sober lifestyle coach with her yearlong sobriety, and she identifies the five reasons below as her rationale for choosing this approach to recovery.

1. A Strong Focus on Recovery

A year into her recovery journey, Dr. Pepper still visits a therapist, but she also spends time with her sober living coach because she really wants to focus on staying sober. While the therapist helps Dr. Pepper with issues related to having grown up in a family environment impacted by alcoholism, her sobriety coach helps with the actual mechanics of living in a world where getting drunk can be easily achieved anytime. Moreover, a sober lifestyle coach knows that addicts don’t live in bubbles. This is why they help with matters that may seem mundane but are essential to recovery.

2. A Firm Commitment to Recovery

This is the most important reason. If you fully intend to recover and live a life of sobriety, retaining the services of a sober living coach is a smart choice because you’ll now have a professional partner in recovery. Many patients who relapsed or didn’t fully recover despite completing programs find that lifestyle coaching allows them to reach their sobriety goals. Some addicts who have fully recovered talk about their sober living coaches as if they were highly supportive friends.

3. Overcoming Life Difficulties

Addictions are often easier to deal with than their consequences. When addicts face situations such as losing their jobs, having their spouses walk out on them, or returning to society after prison sentences, their journeys to recovery will be more difficult. Sober lifestyle coaches often help patients get over everyday hurdles that may compromise their recovery. In fact, a newly sober person can even have a Solana Beach sober companion stay with him or her 24/7 to provide full recovery support.

4. Addressing Other Issues

Sober living coaches know humans have a great capacity for compulsions. If you’re dealing with more than just substance abuse, a sobriety coach can guide you toward a life without other addictions. Gambling and overeating are just two examples of the additional life issues that can be addressed with sobriety coaching.

5. A History of Dangerous Situations

Everyone who has been trapped by substance abuse has concerning stories to tell, but some of these stories can be quite scary. Alcoholics and addicts who end up in the hospital because of severe intoxication are more likely to have more difficult journeys toward recovery. This is because a relapse episode could once again result in a medical emergency. If you have a history of blacking out, binging, overdosing, or getting arrested, you may wish to consider sober lifestyle coaching.

For residents of Solana Beach, sobriety can be easier to maintain with the help of a sober lifestyle coach. At Sober Lifestyle Coaching, we know precisely what it takes to get sober, stay sober, and live the healthy lifestyle you deserve. We specialize in working with clients with active addictions as well as clients already in recovery. Our sober coaches help clients work through potentially challenging events such as going to work and attending family gatherings while providing encouragement, accountability, insight, and understanding through our own recovery experiences. To learn more about how a sober lifestyle coach can help you or someone you love, call us at 760-230-2996.

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