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Intervention: Helping a Loved One Overcome Addiction

Intervention: Helping a Loved One Overcome Addiction

Since 2005, the topic of interventions as they relate to substance use disorder has been documented on reality television series such as Intervention on A&E and Celebrity Rehab on VH1. While both series deal with various issues related to substance abuse and dependence, the most sensational scenes center on addicts whose loved ones stage dramatic get-togethers in order to convince them to get professional help. While the element of surprise is suggested in some intervention models, it’s important to note that addiction counselors generally prefer to minimize confrontation. With this in mind, here are some details about interventions and how they work.

Understanding the Intervention Approach

In general, someone whose life has been turned upside down by substance abuse can take four courses of action for the purpose of achieving recovery:

  • Choosing self-treatment
  • Seeking professional help
  • Accepting a referral for professional help 
  • Submitting to an intervention

The primary goal of an solana beach intervention is to get hesitant or stubborn patients into treatment they freely accept, but there are more objectives within this approach—for example, informing loved ones about the realities of the recovery journey.

Recognition & Agreement

Some addicted individuals aren’t able to recognize the gravity of their situations or the negative consequences of their substance abuse. This isn’t simply a moral failing. In many cases, the prolonged use of psychoactive substances causes a clouding of the mind. In even more cases, powerful feelings of shame and guilt get in the way of reason. 

Interventions often make patients aware of specific problems that need to be addressed because they’re dangerous. While pressure from loved ones is a factor in many interventions, it’s more important for patients to agree to treatment on their own after being informed of why they need it. Ideally, a treatment referral should have been offered prior to an intervention, as this can make the beginning of the journey easier.

Understanding the Delicate Nature of Interventions

Friends and relatives of people who suffer from substance use disorder need to understand that interventions must be managed by healthcare professionals. The cable TV series mentioned above do a pretty good job of stressing this point: under no circumstances should an intervention be staged by anyone other than a professional because things could get worse rather easily. Not all mental health counselors handle interventions themselves, but all counselors can make appropriate referrals.

Providing Clarity with Interventions

Not all interventions are conducted with pressure tactics. In fact, most counselors, including many who provide Smart recovery services, try to avoid such approaches. Seasoned intervention professionals know loved ones can sometimes be more problematic than the patients, and this is addressed with plenty of tact and empathy when it’s required. In a moment of clarity, all intervention participants will realize what the best approach to treatment should be for everyone involved. 

At Sober Lifestyle Coaching, our trained interventionists help groups of family members, friends, or coworkers confront the addicts they love as they motivate them to seek treatment. Guided by love and compassion for the addicts to ensure they don’t feel attacked or judged, our interventions are structured in a way that’s designed to coax them to be willing to change, even if they’re resistant to accepting help such as treatment, detox, or rehab. To find out about how we can help you or someone you love get and stay sober, call us today at 760-230-2996.

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